Federally Compliant Ohio Drivers License and State ID Cards

Infographic explaining the difference between standard and federally compliant Ohio ID cards.

Do you know that you have the choice between a standard card and a federally compliant card when you renew your Ohio drivers license or state ID?

The standard ID card does not require any additional documentation upon renewal.

The federally compliant card can be used to fly or enter federal facilities, including military bases. The compliant card does not replace your passport. If you are flying outside of the United States (including to Canada or Mexico) you still need a passport or passport card.

Much more documentation is required to get a federally compliant card. Often this includes a birth certificate. You cannot correct the sex on your birth certificate if you were born in Ohio. This means that you may be forced to out yourself at the BMV if you want a federally compliant card.

You can avoid outing yourself at the BMV by first obtaining a passport or passport card with the correct name and gender. A passport can be used in place of a birth certificate. You will still have to provide your original birth certificate and a doctor’s letter to get the correct sex listed on your passport, but this may be preferable to outing yourself in a crowded BMV office.

You can find out what documentation is required for renewal and how to handle name changes on our Drivers License and ID Cards page.