The TransCEND Canton Logo

Our logo is not just a random bird. The bird is a cardinal! There are a few reasons why our logo is a cardinal.

One definition of the word “transcend” is “to go beyond the limits.” The main purpose of TransCEND Canton is to help trans people overcome the limitations that they face. One way we do this is by facilitating a peer support group where transgender people are able to learn about resources available to them, as well as get support from other transgender people and allies.  What better representation of overcoming limitations is there, besides a flying bird?

Sometimes cardinals are half-male and half-female. Here’s a recent National Geographic article about one such bird. When this happens, the bird is literally split down the middle. The bright red half of the cardinal contains male chromosomes (ZZ in birds). If you look at the other half of the bird, it has female chromosomes (ZW in birds). Not only do these birds look cool, but these split-sex cardinals are a great visual reminder that sex is not as black-and-white as it may seem on the surface!

Lastly, the cardinal is the state bird of Ohio. We are a group located in Canton, Ohio. This needs no further explanation!