Drivers License and ID Cards

What is changing?

Starting in July 2018 Ohio is offering two options when renewing your drivers license or state ID card:

  1. A standard card
    • After October 2020 a standard card cannot be used to fly, enter federal facilities or military bases without additional documentation approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) or other federal requirements, as needed.
    • An Ohio standard driver license or identification card needs no additional documentation at time of renewal.
  2. A federally-compliant card
    • The compliant card can be used to fly or enter federal facilities, including military bases.
    • You must provide  documentation proving your name and date of birth (such as a birth certificate or passport), Social Security
      number (such as a Social Security card) and two additional documents proving residential address (such as utility bills).

Here’s a site where you can check off what documentation you can provide and it tells you whether or not the selected documentation meets all of the requirements: Compliant DL–ID Card – Acceptable Documents List Interactive Checklist

Who needs a compliant card?

  • Do you fly on commercial aircraft within the United States?
  • Do you need access to a federal facility or military base?

If the answer is yes, you should consider getting a compliant card.

If you have another form of federal identification you can use for these purposes, such as a valid U.S. Passport or Passport Card, you may decide to have a standard card.

Name Change Documentation

Is your current legal name the same as the name listed on your BIRTH CERTIFICATE, PASSPORT, or document(s) issued by the US DHS (Department of Homeland Security)?

If the answer is NO – You must connect your birth name with your current legal name. You must bring one of the following name change documents to make that connection:

  • Marriage Certificate or Marriage License*
  • Certified Copy of a Decree of Divorce, Dissolution, or Annulment of Marriage*
  • Certified Copy of a Court Ordered Name Change

*NOTE: If you have had more than one marriage, you may need to bring documentation from each marriage and/or divorce to connect your birth certificate, passport or US DHS documents to your current legal name.