Tuscarawas County Name Change Process


  1. Complete the appropriate forms. We’ve provided links to the required forms below. Forms must be typed!
  2. Take the forms, your drivers license or state ID, and a certified copy of your birth certificate to the probate court and pay the $170 court cost deposit. At the time of filing, a case number and hearing date are assigned.
  3. The court will publish your name change hearing information in the Dover-New Philadelphia Times Reporter newspaper at least 30 days before the hearing.
  4. Go to the probate court for your hearing. After your name change goes through, be sure to get several copies of the documentation that shows your name change. You will need this to get your name changed in most systems (work, the bank, etc.).

Probate Court Information

Tuscarawas County Probe and Juvenile Court
101 East High Avenue
Second Floor
New Philadelphia, OH 44663

General Information: 330-365-3266
Name Changes: 330-365-3354

Website: http://www.co.tuscarawas.oh.us/Courts/probate

Hours: Not sure. We will call to find out and then update this.



  • You must be a resident of Tuscarawas County for 12 consecutive months before filing for a name change in the county. If you have not lived in Tuscarawas County for at least one year, your application will be dismissed and you will not be refunded the court costs.
  • It costs $170.00 to file an application for a name change. Only cash, check, or money order are accepted. If you need help paying for your name change there are applications for financial assistance available through TransOhio’s Name Change Financial Assistance Program.
  • Use your full name on the application. Write out your middle name instead of using your initials.
  • You have to list a reason for the name change on the name change application. You do not have to disclose that you are a transgender person on the form. Keep in mind that these forms are entered into the court system and are publicly available, so whatever reason you put can be seen by others if they look you up in the future.

Tuscarawas County information was last updated on 2/6/2019.